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Everything you did'nt know about Akwa Ibom State!


Mouth watering cuisines from Akwa Ibom state. watch video ►►


The Kwahir masquerade festival in Benue State is quite intriguing, what with the unusual, mysterious and sometimes monstrous masquerades on parade, some even  mystical. We leave you to make your judgment after watching the videos ►►



The river that changes its course in Amaokpala, a town in Anambra State. Myth or reality? ...stay tuned.


Everything you never knew about Akwa Ibom State and much more watch video


  INCREDIBLE! Six foot man wriggles into toy car in Benue


      What is in that bag? something mysterious  happened here, all in Benue State


     We thought  it was only the Chinese that have Dragon masquerades, wait until you watch this video from Benue State


   And the lizard masquerade danced and twisted, again and again click play on the video


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