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                                JANUARY CALENDAR OF EVENTS

Mary Slessor Day Celebration.

Ekpiri Akata Festival


Oko Day (Orile-Oke) Festival

 Rufawa Cultural Festival

 Egungun Festival

 Egungun (Imasayi) Festival

 Jigbo (Ogbere) Festival

 Osun Igba Ikija Owu Festival


Jigbo (Ijebu-Ife) Festival


Mbre Mmong Festival




1 Day

Governor’s Office Annex, Akwa Ibom State.

Itu and Uruan, Akwa Ibom State.


 Remo North, Ogun State.

 Pa’awa, Ningi, Bauchi State.

 Shagamu,Ogun State.

 Yewa North, Ogun State.

 Ijebu East, Ogun State.

 Ijebu East, Ogun State.


Ijebu East, Ogun State.


Nsit Ubium, Akwa Ibom State.



To commemorate the life and time of the Missionary Legend.

This is a public outing meant to expose anti-social behaviours through songs sung mainly at night by masked performers.










This is a biannual aquatic festival connected with a fertility cult and ancestral worship. This celebration is accompanied by a boat regatta.